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Technology and design come together
Furnishing and design accessories

Leader in technological innovation combined with design

We design and manufacture furnishing and design accessories which provide sophisticated and innovative solutions

Bat-Tech Italia specialises in designing and producing the first and only automated wine cellar with differentiated temperatures: My Sommelier. The company operates in the furnishing and design sector, and also specialises in creating self-extinguishing high-density polystyrene sculptures.



Technology and design
come together.

Bat-Tech Italia combines technological innovation and design in any solution and field of application: from automated wine cellars to creating metal furnishings, from polystyrene products to 3D printing.


Quality and guarantee in
first-class products.

Bat-Tech Italia’s approach to quality and guarantee involves overseeing all the different phases of activity required to produce its solutions: initial consultancy, design, production and final delivery.


A close-knit and
success-oriented team.

Bat-Tech Italia can support every need with professionalism and precision thanks to the specialised skills of its team, which is active in all phases.

My Sommelier: the first automated wine cellar with differentiated temperatures

Bat-Tech Italia designs and produces the exclusive My Sommelier solution: an automated wine cellar with differentiated temperatures that can be fully customised and integrated in terms of construction and dimensions. My Sommelier is a fitting that can lend elegance and refinement to any domestic or commercial environment.

Creation of
polystyrene work

Bat-Tech Italia designs and manufactures custom works and sculptures made of self-extinguishing polystyrene for the furniture, design, art, culture and industrial sectors. Bat-Tech Italia supplies its works for museum installations, exhibitions, theme parks, trade fairs, film and theatre sets, corporate conventions and private parties.

Years of Experience
Completed Projects
Active Customers
Services to support the customer at every stage of development

Bat-Tech Italia oversees all the stages of developing its solutions through qualitative services. In the design phases, the company uses advanced 3D CAD software, while all the production phases, any prototyping, reverse engineering, transport and assembly are handled internally by the company’s staff.

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Achievements in Polystyrene - Bat-Tech

Bat-Tech Italia, a success-oriented team

The skills Bat-Tech Italia offers its customers derive from the technical knowledge of its team. Professional development includes ongoing training combined with continuous innovation in technological processes and machinery.

Michele Battaglini

3D graphic design and supervision of all stages of production.

Michele Battaglini
Francesco Battaglini

Robot programming, 3D CAD design, development of digital projects.

Francesco Battaglini
Software Developer
Elisa Battaglini

3D graphic design, modelling tools, animation and advanced rendering.

Elisa Battaglini
Art Director
Primo Battaglini

Installation and assembly of the My Sommelier automated wine cellar and preparation of expanded polystyrene material.

Primo Battaglini
Manufacturing Manager
Elena Foleghi

Development and management of relationships with existing customers, definition and increase of the annual trade marketing plan, back-office service management and HR.

Key Account Manager
Request advice from a Bat-Tech Italia representative.

Through constant and qualitative monitoring by its commercial representatives, Bat-Tech Italia supports any type of commercial and informational need regarding the range of products and services offered.

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