Opere in polistirolo
Realizzazioni in polistirolo
Polystyrene works

Construction of works made of self-extinguishing polystyrene

Design, construction and delivery of self-extinguishing polystyrene works for the museum, entertainment, live performance, industry, packaging and components sectors

The polystyrene creations are aimed at the art, entertainment and culture sectors. In these multiple sectors, Bat-Tech Italia creates tailor-made works for exhibitions, theme parks, corporate conventions and private themed parties, as well as trade fair, scenographic and theatrical installations. Bat-Tech Italia also manufactures tailor-made products for the industry, packaging and components sector.

Sectors of application

Design, construction and rental of customised polystyrene furnishing elements based on the client's specific needs
Allestimento aree comuniCommon area installations

Construction of structures for common areas

Allestimento museiMuseum installations

Customised structures for museum installations

Allestimento fiereExhibition installations

Customised structures for fair and event installations

Allestimento eventiEvent installations

Sets for corporate conventions and private parties


Structures for restaurants or hotel lobbies

Arte e culturaArt and culture

Commissioned works of any size


Ad hoc containers for protection and containment


Creation of models for making moulds


Tailor-made construction of moulds and formwork


Production of indoor/outdoor 3D advertising panels

Shooting fotograficiPhoto shoots

Mock-ups for photo and video shoots


Made to measure and with immediate delivery times

New technology

We use three different technologies for the realization of our polystyrene products..

We also deal with: Rapid prototyping using a MOD 3D printer. MAKERBOT REPLICATOR Z18 using Makerbot Print programs; Three-dimensional design through the use of programs including Inventor, Shapr3D, Z-Brush, Maya.



A mechanical arm used for three-dimensional milling of small and sophisticated pieces or large sculptures. Our KR-240 technology features 6 interpolated axes plus 1, the turntable.

Megaplot Cross Shaper

Megaplot Cross Shaper

A hot wire cutting machine with independent axes which we use for 2D cutting polystyrene and preparing the raws for our mechanical arm. Skilled in 3D cutting in combination with the turntable.


Megaplot Foam Cutter

The technology Megaplot Foam Cutter used by Bat-Tech Italia is an abrasive wire cutting machine for cutting extremely hard materials (polyurethane, foam, PET and similar materials).

Composizione del Polistirolo

EPS - Sintered Expanded Polystyrene

EPS (Sintered Expanded Polystyrene), or more simply ``polystyrene``, is an innovative material used in many sectors and in different applications.

Based on the characteristics of polystyrene, which is hygienic, resistant, insulating, ductile and above all light, and following the market’s requirements aimed ever more towards respect for the environment, BAT-TECH ITALIA focuses on the eco-sustainability of EPS.


Environmentally friendly product composed 98% of air and defined by the AIPE (Italian Expanded Polystyrene Association) as “Airpop Engineered Air”.


Eco-sustainability is our prime goal, and the choice of EPS as a production material is our philosophy linked to the environmental theme.

100% Recyclable

Expanded polystyrene is an entirely recyclable product whose production cycle does not affect the planet’s resources.


Available formats

We work on formats with the largest dimensions available on the market such as 4000 x 1300 x 1000 mm. We mainly use:
Pol20 A.E.

(density 20 kg/m³)
with or without graphite

Pol25 A.E.

(density 25 kg/m³)
with or without graphite

Pol30 A.E.

(density 30 kg/m³)
with or without graphite

Pol35 A.E.

(density 35 kg/m³)
with or without graphite

*On request we are able to offer other types of polystyrene


Our main creations in

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