The only automated wine cellar with differentiated temperatures.

Technology, design and prestige come together for the first automated wine cellar that is fully customisable at different temperatures.

My Sommelier is the unique and innovative automated wine cellar with differentiated temperatures for storing and displaying bottles of wine. My Sommelier represents a fitting and a tool with highly technological content which, thanks to the infinite possibilities for customised finishes, can easily be integrated into both private homes and luxurious contract environments with elegance and refinement.

Do you own a large number of bottles and want to manage them flawlessly?
No problem.

We have created four different models of My Sommelier with different sizes and capacities to suit every need.
Modello 1 - MySommelier
Modello 2 - MySommelier
Modello 3 - MySommelier
Modello 4 - MySommelier
New technology

Thanks to continuous technological updates, the My Sommelier cellars can interface with each other, thus creating a single installation within the room.

The solution

My Sommelier can be managed with a simple app

The innovative app lets My Sommelier wine cellars communicate with each other, giving you a real installation designed ad hoc for all wine storage spaces.
My Sommelier has eight different temperature levels: each bottle resides in its own “cloud of air” which ensures the wine is stored and served at the desired temperature.


The STORE function enables you to store wines at the correct temperature for a long period of time by setting it throughout the My Sommelier.


The SERVE mode lets you assign a different temperature to each row of bottles.

Download our app.

You can find it in the App Store or Google Play Store.
The technology

LED lighting.

My Sommelier is a wine cellar equipped with a LED lighting system designed to scenographically illuminate the bottle cells without affecting the wines’ state of conservation. The use of RGB LEDs allows you to customise the background of choreographic lights in any colour of the iris with a simple command. The My Sommelier app lets you search for the desired bottle, which will light up in a different colour, activating the automatic opening of the glass door.

MSM (Motorised Smooth Motion) technology guarantees total protection and safety for your precious wine collection. Only authorised persons can control the opening of the bottle compartment.

Safety and quality

My Sommelier: a tailored outfit with high-quality materials

My Sommelier satisfies every style requirement. The shell can be covered with precious wood or with the most select leathers, with stainless steel or carbon fibre up to a gold leaf coating. Stainless steel ensures resistance to atmospheric agents and constitutes an ideal fitting for the nautical sector and installation in beachfront residences.

The Exclusive Vibration Absorption System (EVAS) protects the wine from vibrations and avoids noise. The Slow Speed refrigeration process keeps all the bottles at a constant and uniform temperature, with no difference in gradation between the upper, lower and side areas of the bottle compartment.

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