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L'Azienda Bat-Tech
Un'azienda ad elevato contenuto tecnologico
What we do

A company with a high technological content

Our areas of specialisation cover solutions for home automation, the world of furnishings and design, and the customised fittings sector

Bat-Tech Italia is an Italian company with a strong orientation towards innovation and a team capable of overseeing the various production areas with quality and efficiency. The company specialises in designing and producing the first automated wine cellar in the world and creating customised works and installations made of expanded polystyrene for the sectors of art, entertainment, industry, components, hotels/restaurants/catering and culture. The company also has a presence in the furnishing/design and 3D printing sector.

Vetreria Alba

The company is founded in the 1990s under the name Vetreria Alba, specialised in producing work in the field of structural glass for buildings.

Bat-Tech is established

Vetreria Alba becomes Bat-Tech and launches an innovative design for wine storage that leads to the patent for the My Sommelier line.

Bat-Tech Italia is established

The company specialises in two areas: the My Sommelier project and creating 3D polystyrene objects for the art and museum market.

The new generation

The work team is complemented by the arrival of the new generation of Battaglinis. Elisa and Francesco deal with the creative and technical sides of the company respectively.

Realizzazioni in Polistirolo Bat-Tech

Some of our recent work

Bat-Tech Italia specialises in creating furnishing and design accessories for the art, entertainment and culture sectors. Below is a short list of completed projects in the field of installations and design components

  • Museum installations for the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre museum
  • 3D milling of prehistoric animals for the Stuttgart museum
  • Metal furnishings for the Riviera di Mestre perfumery
  • 3D milling of animals for Copenhagen's Natural History Museum
  • Production of design furnishing accessories for the Star and Roses restaurant in Turin
  • Production of design furnishing accessories for the Banca Intesa Assicurazioni branch in Turin
  • 3D milling of prehistoric animals for Milan's Natural History Museum

Bat-Tech Italia, a success-oriented team

The skills Bat-Tech Italia offers its customers derive from the technical knowledge of its team. Professional development includes ongoing training combined with continuous innovation in technological processes and machinery.

Michele Battaglini

3D graphic design and supervision of all stages of production.

Michele Battaglini
Francesco Battaglini

Robot programming, 3D CAD design, development of digital projects.

Francesco Battaglini
Software Developer
Elisa Battaglini

3D graphic design, modelling tools, animation and advanced rendering.

Elisa Battaglini
Art Director
Primo Battaglini

Installation and assembly of the My Sommelier automated wine cellar and preparation of expanded polystyrene material.

Primo Battaglini
Manufacturing Manager
Elena Foleghi

Development and management of relationships with existing customers, definition and increase of the annual trade marketing plan, back-office service management and HR.

Key Account Manager
Luca Marini

3D modelling, digital sculpting, concept art using the softwares: Zbrush, Blender, Maya, Substance suite, Adobe suite, Marvelous Designer

3D Artist
Quality and safety

Quality and Safety: our goals

We carry out our work in full compliance with the highest safety standards, and our creations are also non-toxic, fireproof or certified self-extinguishing. Bat-Tech Italia also has proprietary tools with the high technological content needed for a company that is always at the cutting edge.


To guarantee our customers the complete creation and execution of every single project, we collaborate with high-level partners and professionals.

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Through constant and qualitative monitoring by its commercial representatives, Bat-Tech Italia supports any type of commercial and informational need regarding the range of products and services offered.

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